David Ramjohn

David Damian Ramjohn

Chief Executive Officer | AlgEternal Technologies, LLC


David Ramjohn

As an expert in marine biology, environmental studies and sustainable development, David Ramjohn is an instrumental figure in the scientific field. In his career, Mr. Ramjohn has been an ardent advocate for sustainability. A self-proclaimed algaevangelist, he believes humans should take a closer look at algae and the opportunity the resource has for humans. Mr. Ramjohn believes algae can help humans continue living on the planet with a healthy quality of life. He explores this venture with his company, AlgEternal Technologies, LLC. AlgEternal Technologies, LLC is focused on using microalgae as an economic platform that will ultimately replace Sulphur carbon Hydron.

At the core of it, Mr. Ramjohn endeavors to make a positive difference in the world. This career path chose him.  One of his botany professors came into the class and drew a circle on the board and talked about that circle all year. The circle represented an algae.  He drummed into the students how important algae is in such a way that Mr. Ramjohn hadn’t considered before. Suffice to say, he got an ‘A’ in the class. In 2004, Mr. Ramjohn earned a master’s degree in marine biology from the College of Charleston.

Ten years later, Mr. Ramjohn began working with the Environmental Management Authority and was assigned to a committee that was looking at alternative energy for Trinidad and Tobago as the CEO of Synergy Resources Limited.  While the rest of the scientific community looked at solar and wind as the and answer, he remembered his professor talking about micro-algae and what they are capable of doing. That idea has since taken off.

Looking toward the future, Mr. Ramjohn endeavors to continue exploring science through the lens of sustainability and environmental consciousness. He remains affiliated with the Phi Kappa Phi Academic Honor Society, the Golden Key Honor Society and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

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